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What You Need to Know

We are giving away up to 10,000,000 CPROP tokens. For reference, the ICO price is $0.01 per token.

  • 100 tokens ($1 @ ICO price) for your Registration (see below “What You Will Need to Provide” section for required information)
  • 200 tokens ($2 @ ICO price) for each Qualified Referral
  • BONUS – 250k additional bonus tokens will be rewarded to the top 25 registered and qualified participants, up to 10,000 tokens each
  • BONUS – 100k additional bonus tokens will be rewarded to 25 random registered and qualified participants, up to 4000 tokens each
  • Individual rewards are capped at 50,000 tokens ($500 @ ICO price) per Registered member

Bonus winners will be announced in the main channel following the close of the round once the final calculations are posted.

All referral tokens earned will be “locked” in the receiving Ethereum wallets for a period of up to 90 days following the distribution and unlocking of all tokens sold during the ICO.

Sample Promo Message to Share


I am joining the @CPROP #realestate + #blockchain revolution. You can share &  earn #CPROP tokens with their referral program on Telegram >> [MYLINK] #blockchain #ico #airdrop #bounty #cryptocurrency


I am checking out the the new @CPROP real estate + blockchain pre-ICO. You can share & earn #CPROP tokens with their referral program on Telegram >> [MYLINK]

Qualified Referral – Definition

Referral points will be calculated based on the number of Qualified Referrals from a registered member. The CPROP team reserves the right to edit, modify, or restrict your participation in the program if it’s found you are attempting to cheat/spam or otherwise game the system, at their own discretion.

A Qualified Referral is a new user (a user can only be attributed to the original referring member) that meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Joins the “CPROP ICO Assistant” through your custom tracking link;
  2. Joins and remains active in the main community room for the duration of the CPROP ICO – users that leave the room before the completion of the ICO will not be counted as referrals;
  3. Submits the required details for their own personal registration (see below section on “What You Will Need to Provide”)

Registration: What You Will Need to Provide


To be considered “Registered” and eligible to participate in the referral program you will be required to submit the following information to the “CPROP ICO Assistant” bot, available by messaging @CPROPbot from within Telegram. The automated bot will collect the following information.

  • First & Last Name
  • Email address
  • ETH digital wallet address (i.e. public key of a wallet you control. Do NOT provide exchange addresses, i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex or others)
  • Telegram handle (e.g. @username)
  • Country of residence (see below for countries excluded from participating)

NOTE: you are required to be a member of the Telegram main channel for the duration of the pre-sale and public sale periods. The bot can automatically check and any participant that is not a current member at the close

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