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The First Round Airdrop of ETHERCToken is Live Now!

You can join our airdrop via Telegram Bot here: All you need to do is join our Telegram Group and Follow us on Twitter. It’s very easy and almost unconditional.

How to participate?

  • 1. Start a new chat with our telegram airdrop bot:
  • 2. Join ETHERC Official Telegram Group @ETHERC_Official
  • 3. To stay updated about our exchange and soon coming Bounty Program, please follow us on Twitter here @etherc_io
  • 4. (OPTIONAL) Retweet our Pinned Post here @etherc_io (This an optional step, you can get extra 20EET by re-tweeting our post.)
  • 5. Submit your Email, Ethereum address, Twitter Username to our telegram airdrop bot. Then you will get 80 EET(~$8).
  • 6. Once you submitted your details, our airdrop bot will give you a unique referral link. Share your referral link amongst your friends and receive extra 20EET ($2) for every friend who joins our Community through your referral link.


  • 1. Get 80 ETHERCToken(EET), $8 worth, for participating our airdrop.
  • 2. Get extra 20EET($2) for each friend you invite.


  • 1.All participants will be checked for fake and fraud accounts (including IP check and bot accounts) Anyone cheating in the airdrop will be eliminated.
  • 2.You must complete all the tasks before the conclusion of this airdrop. Otherwise, you will not receive your EET Tokens.
  • 3.Your referred friends must participate and follow all of the airdrop steps too.
  • 4.Tokens will be distributed after airdrop ends within 2 weeks.

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