Gagapay (GTA)

200 GTA

Đăng ký tài khoản, vào tab Airdrop để làm theo yêu cầu và nhận token.

Gagapay (GTA)
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Gagapay.Network Airdrop — $500’000 in GTA tokens

Gagapay.Network is giving away 10,000,000 GTA tokens for the community!

Join Gagapay.Network social channels and earn $10/200 GTA guaranteed!

Airdrop Rules:
1. Don’t spam in our social channels.
2. No duplicates allowed. Duplicates will be rejected.
3. Make Telegram username public or you will be not able to fill Airdrop form and validate your username.
4. All participants data will be kept private.
5. No spreadsheets, all participants can earn $10/200 GTA guaranteed.
6. Potential earning and airdrop eligibility status is available only in our portal.
7. Tokens will be distributed after the end of the ICO.

Steps to earn $10/200 GTA:

Step 1
1. Join Gagapay.Network Telegram group to earn $9/180 GTA: CLICK HERE
2. Follow Gagapay.Network on Twitter to earn $1/20 GTA: CLICK HERE

Step 2
1. Register on Gagapay.Network Portal: CLICK HERE
2. Fill out the Airdrop form on Gagapay.Network portal and earn GTA tokens.

Step 3
1. Stay in Telegram group until Gagapay.Network ICO is over.
2. Follow us on Twitter until Gagapay.Network ICO is over.

General Terms:
1. We reserve the right to remove any participants from Airdrop at any time if we think that they are scam, or they are spamming our social channels.
2. We reserve the right to pause Airdrop at any time, as our airdrop is allocated by fixed price.
3. We reserve the right to lower or increase the total amount of token allocation at any time.

Read the rules on Bitcointalk:

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