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Goldiam (GOL)


Tham gia Telegram và làm theo yêu cầu để nhận 5 GOL trị giá 5 USD ở ICO.

Goldiam (GOL)
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What is Goldiam?
Goldiam is the future of gold and diamond mining on the blockchain. With Goldiam, you will be able to buy real Gold and Diamond (s) and have them shipped directly to you with the relevant certificates. The safety of these transactions is preserved by blockchain technology. Alternatively, you can choose to store your assets in your Goldiambox wallet and earn extra Goldiam coins monthly. And with the GlobeUnion platform, you will be able to send and receive Goldiam coins across the globe with ease. You can later convert the Goldiam coins to any other cryptocurrency or even fiat.

Kindly input your email address, Please join the Goldiam Twitter, Facebook, Telegram group, Comment on our Bitcointalk Ann thread before submitting your details to be eligible for the Goldiam Airdrop. A unique referral link will be given after you complete this submission. Use the link to invite your friends and get more Free tokens.

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