investFeed (IFT)

100 IFT ~ 10 USD

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investFeed (IFT)
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Bạn cần thêm vào contract address sau để token hiển thị trong ví:

Contract address: 0x7654915a1b82d6d2d0afc37c52af556ea8983c7e.

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Cách tham gia airdrop

1. You must go to investfeed.com and sign up using a valid email address

2. You must add a ERC-20 Compatible Wallet to receive IFT tokens

-> https://www.investfeed.com/settings/wallet

3.  You must verify you own your email using Civic Verification

-> https://www.investfeed.com/settings/accountVerify

-> Download Civic here https://www.civic.com/app if you need to install it

4. Publish one post stating your favorite cashtagged token and why, i.e. $IFT

5. Join investFeed telegram: https://t.me/investfeed .

Successfully completing these steps will result in receiving 100 IFT tokens, that will be immediately be transferable on the investFeed platform, post campaign distribution. (Distribution will take less than an estimated* 24 hours after the campaign has ended to recieve)


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